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What is Santa Fe style?

Santa Fe style, like the history of "the City Different" itself, is a mixture of cultural influences. The adobe (or faux adobe) buildings emulate those of the Pueblo Indians, with softly shaped earthen walls, flat roofs, exposed vigas (beams), and blue doors.

The Hispanic culture of the area -- as old as that of Mexico -- is also a strong influence, adding Spanish colonial antiques, festive colors, and hand-carved furniture and doors -- all the components of the related "hacienda style."

And in Santa Fe, art is everywhere, including Native American pottery, rugs, and basketry, Mexican weavings, religious artifacts, and hand-painted tile, and the paintings, sculptures, and photographs of the artists who flock there.

For more information, see the article on "Santa Fe Style Homes." For a glossary of Northern New Mexico architectural terms, see "How to Talk Santa Fe Style."

Or, take a look at these books:*

Adobe Details
Behind Adobe Walls Santa Fe Houses Santa Fe Style
Santa Fe and Taos
The New  Hacienda
Mexican Country Style
Southwest Home Plans

*book sales from these links benefit the UU Fellowship of Jonesboro, in association with Amazon.com. I myself receive no part of the sales.


The files available on this site will work on either Mac or PC.

Some items require specific expansion packs. Please note that I have all expansion packs except SuperStar, and I cannot make claims as to whether my items will work in your game. Use at your own risk. Let me know if you have any problems, but I can't promise I can fix them.


After an item is downloaded from our site, it can be installed easily. First expand the .zip file using a utlity such as Stuffit Expander.

The resulting folder will contain a read-me document, a graphics document, and the item itself. The graphics (.gif or .jpeg) document is there to illustrate the contents and (with the exception of roof .bmp files), is not necessary for use in the game.

Simply place your file in the appropriate folder:

object (.iff) files in your folder .../The Sims/Downloads/
wall (.wll) files in your folder .../The Sims/GameData/Walls/
floor (.flr) files in your folder .../The Sims/GameData/Floors/
roof (.bmp) files in your folder .../The Sims/GameData/Roofs/

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